4 Reasons Why Streaming Music is Winning!


Album Sales vs. Streaming

We have all seen album sales decline year after year and streaming is what’s winning right now. After Apple brought Beats Music, Google brought Songza and everybody is competing with Spotify. Here’s just a few reasons why streaming music is winning:

1. Catalog – You no longer have to buy a whole album. No CD’s to keep, no mp3’s to download and take up space on your hard drive. There’s a whole world of music to listen to for a small monthly fee or for free (w/ advertising).

2. Cost – If you buy a lot of music, streaming is a lot more cost effective.

3. Playlist – With streaming services like Spotify, you can create your own playlist for working, partying, working out, relaxing – whatever!

4. Discovery – Users can discover new music easier. Some streaming services recommend music based on your playlist or choice of music already playing.